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Lee Bogalski is raising money for Sands in Memory of his Triplet Nieces

posted 19 Apr 2015, 05:44 by Laura Kirk
Lee is running the 2016 Brighton Marathon for Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity because 26 miles running is less pain than losing your baby.

Last summer my sister announced the exciting news that she was pregnant with identical triplets. This year I was expecting to be cuddling my 3 beautiful nieces, unfortunately in November 2014 my sister went into premature labour at 22 weeks and lost all 3 of her baby girls, Sophie, Isabelle, and Daisy.

As you can understand this was a horrific time for all our family, especially my sister. The initial and ongoing support received from the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity (Sands) has been fundamental to helping my sister and her husband through this bereavement.

26 miles of pain is a small sacrifice to ensure anybody who has the misfortune of going through similar events has the support required. I plead you to please donate anything you can spare as someone you know may well benefit from this in the future.

Please go to this link and share the poster below to support Lee:

Laura Kirk,
19 Apr 2015, 05:45