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London Marathon 2018

We had 2 brave Dad`s running the 2018 London Marathon, raising money for Sands - Both completed the 26.2 mile race, surviving the blistering heat, the hottest Marathon on record at around 23.2C!!  Amazing acheivement, even with out the heat to contend with! 

Jim O`Shaugnessy , in memory of his son Devon Thomas, who grew his wings on 11th  April 2017. You can donate to Jim`s brave effort and see his story here:

Lee Hammond,  in memory of his daughter Maisie, who grew her little wings on 18th February 2016. You can donate to Lee`s effort and see his story here:
Lee`s wife Kylie, also threw a surprise "Good Luck" party for Lee a couple of weeks before the race, and raised more money from very generous friends and family who were there to wish Lee well for his run.