Savannah - Holli & Nathaniel`s beautiful daughter

posted 23 Oct 2017, 14:11 by Georgina Kitchener

I was 39+5 days pregnant with my first baby in April 2014. That evening without any warning I began bleeding heavily, we called an ambulance and were taken to hospital. When I arrived they did a quick scan which showed my daughters heart rate was falling so I was rushed for an emergency c-section under general anaesthetic.

When my daughter, Savannah, was born she wasn’t breathing and was resuscitated, they managed to stabilise her and she was then taken to another hospital in Portsmouth. I, however, was too ill to travel. I had had a placental abruption and haemorrhaged and in total lost just over two litres of blood.

The following day I demanded to be taken to her threatening that I would walk out – they put me in an ambulance on blue lights all the way there.  Sadly our beautiful girl was too poorly to survive and she died in my arms, I’m so pleased she was with me. The hospital investigated, issues were raised and I know that things have been put in place following her death. She died from lack of blood and oxygen eventually causing her organs to fail.


It turns out that I had a velamentous cord insertion and an extra lobe on my placenta. The Doctors think that the cord was attached to the extra lobe and this part came away causing massive blood loss.

Had I been offered (or made aware that it existed) a Doppler scan would have picked this up. I am sure I would have been offered a c-section or early induction if it had. I was deemed “low risk” as she was my first baby. The care throughout my pregnancy was inadequate, although I have learnt so much more now and looking back there were huge failings and lack of information.


I have since had another baby. I went back to my original hospital and put under a consultant. I had the best care possible, scans every 4 weeks, open access, fort nightly CTG monitoring, Doppler scans and a planned c section at 37 weeks. Thankfully my little boy arrived safely however it has taken the death of my first baby to provide me with this care.